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Bonsai Pine Update

I am pleased to report that the beautiful bonsai pine that Pat transplanted last summer has pulled through and is looking beautiful and healthy. We were concerned for a time, because it took a bit of a setback during the late summer. But then in the late fall, it settled down and began to look strong again. We think that Pat may have cut the roots a bit too short, so next time he will not give them such a drastic pruning.

Bonsai Update

Pat has really been enjoying his renewed interest in the art of Bonsai. He recently replanted his 40 year old pine bonsai; and purchased, replanted and radically pruned both limbs and roots of 5 dwarf Alberta spruce, which he will eventually form into a grove. He is in the process of air layering a Korean Stewartia and one of our lace leaf maples. And yesterday he purchased a beautiful and mature grove of coastal redwoods from the Wee Tree Farm at Garland's Nursery near Corvallis, Oregon. It's fun to see him delving back into this hobby and art form. And these gorgeous specimens are so beautiful to behold.


Pat is getting back into his bonsai. He recently did a transplanting and root reduction of our approximately forty year old Murrayana pine bonsai. He also purchased some new stock. Five small larch trees will become a grouping for our friend, Elizabeth. He fashioned a special tray for this project that will hold a unique rock and the plantings. 

March 13 he purchased a larger Korean Stewartia for our garden that he is currently air layering. Eventually, a new root ball will form at the air layering site. He will then remove the upper section and have two bonsai specimens from this one tree.

Getting started

We actually got this site up and functional the evening of March 14, 2012. I used Sandvox, made by Karelia, to create it and published it through a2hosting.com. I really like the way Sandvox works, the fantastic support provided by the Karelia staff and the various slideshow options. It's a great replacement for anyone looking for a replacement for iWeb. It's more powerful and stable than iWeb, but feels similar when working with it. Any videos are embedded from Vimeo so they won't slow down the loading of the general site.

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